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Digital Marketing Training in Modasa

In the modern era of technology, businesses and individuals are actively harnessing the Internet’s potential to expand their reach, increase sales, and advance their careers. Digital marketing has emerged as a vital skill set for achieving these objectives. If you happen to be in Modasa and are keen to explore the dynamic realm of digital marketing, you’re in luck! Modasa provides a diverse array of courses to help you delve into this exciting field. Digital marketing Training in Modasa at What Adverts. We provide certification and work on live projects with a 100% Job guarantee. Enroll now for success in the digital world.

Why Opt for Modasa for Your Digital Marketing Education?

Modasa, a lively city in the state of Gujarat, is renowned not only for its rich cultural heritage but also for its progressive educational institutions. The city has recognized the significance of digital marketing in today’s business landscape and has responded by offering an assortment of courses to meet the increasing demand for proficient professionals in this domain.

Advantages of Enrolling in Digital Marketing Training in Modasa

1. Local Expertise: Modasa’s digital marketing courses are often led by industry experts and seasoned professionals who possess a profound understanding of the local market dynamics, thereby providing you with pertinent insights.

2. Cost-Effective: In comparison to digital marketing courses offered in larger cities, Modasa’s courses are often more budget-friendly, rendering them accessible to a broader demographic of individuals and businesses.

3. Networking Opportunities: Modasa’s courses frequently attract students and professionals from diverse backgrounds, fostering an environment conducive to networking and collaborative efforts.

4. Tailored Learning: Many institutions in Modasa offer courses that can be customized to meet your specific requirements, whether you are a novice seeking the fundamentals or an experienced marketer aiming to sharpen your expertise in a particular niche.

Digital Marketing Course in Modasa: What to Anticipate

a. Digital Marketing Fundamentals: These courses cover the essentials of digital marketing, encompassing topics such as SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing, making them ideal for beginners.

b. Advanced Digital Marketing: For those with prior experience, advanced courses delve deeper into subjects like PPC advertising, data analytics, and e-commerce marketing.

c. Certification Programs: Numerous institutions in Modasa provide digital marketing certification programs, enhancing your qualifications and career prospects.

d. In-Person and Online Options: You have the flexibility to choose between in-person classes and online courses, enabling you to adapt your learning to your schedule and preferences, thus facilitating a balance between your educational pursuits and other commitments.

Selecting the Right Digital Marketing Course in Modasa

1. Define Your Goals: Begin by clearly outlining what you aim to achieve with your digital marketing skills, whether it’s embarking on a new career, enhancing your business’s online presence, or improving your performance in your current job.

2. Conduct Research: Seek out courses that align with your objectives and interests. Take the time to read reviews, review syllabi, and inquire about the qualifications of the instructors.

3. Consider Your Schedule: Ensure that the course schedule or format fits seamlessly into your lifestyle and existing commitments.

4. Budget: Compare the costs associated with different courses and account for additional expenses, such as textbooks or software.

5. Networking Opportunities: Assess whether the course provides opportunities for you to connect with industry professionals and peers, fostering valuable connections in the digital marketing landscape.

What Adverts Provide Digital Marketing Course in Modasa

What Adverts (Whatadverts) is your go-to destination for web development and digital marketing training, conveniently located in Modasa, India. Our philosophy revolves around the belief that practical training on real projects is the most effective way to master digital skills. We’ve meticulously crafted our training programs to equip our students with the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to excel in the digital realm.

Our offerings encompass a wide array of digital skills, including digital marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, content marketing, Google Adwords, website development, WordPress development, and front-end development. Whether you’re a recent graduate, a seasoned professional, a businessperson, or a homemaker, we tailor our paid internships to suit your learning journey.

At What Adverts, our internships provide a unique opportunity for individuals to not only acquire digital expertise but also apply strategic approaches in real-world scenarios. Seasoned professionals guide and support our interns, facilitating the expansion of their knowledge base and the refinement of their skills.

What Adverts (Whatadverts) is not only a training center but also a source of valuable consultancy services. We assist businesses in finding the optimal digital marketing solutions to achieve their goals. Our team of experts boasts a deep understanding of the digital marketing landscape and excels in crafting effective strategies and plans to propel businesses toward their digital objectives.

Our aspiration at What Adverts (Whatadverts) is to lead the digital training arena in Modasa and beyond. We remain dedicated to delivering top-notch training and consultancy services to both our students and clients. We continually adapt and innovate our offerings to align with the ever-evolving demands of our clientele and the dynamic digital landscape.

Syllabus of Digital Marketing Course in Modasa

Digital Marketing Training is available in Offline an Online Mode.

Marketing and Digital Marketing

  • What is Marketing?
  • Marketing Process?
  • Importance of Marketing
  • Sales vs Marketing
  • 4Ps and 7PS of Marketing
  • B2B, B2C and D2C
  • What is Digital Marketing with Examples
  • Digital Marketing Platforms
  • Benefits of Digital Marketing
  • Difference b/w Digital & Offline
  • Evolutions of Digital Marketing
  • Stages of Customer Journey

Basic of Website

  • What is a website?
  • Things Required to start a website
  • How to Choose a Domain
  • Types of Websites?
  • How to choose a Domain and Web hosting
  • Introduction to Search Engine
  • What is SERP?
  • Types of results in SERP
  • How Search Engine Works?
  • Basic Overview of Google Analytics and Search Console

Introduction to SEO

  • What is SEO
  • Why SEO is Important
  • How Search Engine Works
  • Google Algorithms
  • Google Ranking Factors
  • Steps to do SEO [ Analyze Business, Competitor analysis, Product analysis, keyword research, keyword mapping, on-page and technical SEO, offpage]

Keyword Research

  • What is Keyword, Keyword research?
  • Tools for Doing KW Research
  • Types of keywords
  • How to Choose a Good keywords
  • Keyword Research Process
  • Creating Reports in Keyword Research

On-Page SEO

  • What are Meta Tags, Description
  • Image Optimization
  • Headings Tags {H1 to H6}
  • URL Structure
  • Internal Linking and External Links
  • Content Optimization
  • Robots, Keywords, Author
  • Redirection Tags
  • What is Content Writing?
  • SEO-Friendly Content Writing
  • Anchor Tags

Technical SEO

  • Loading Time
  •  Responsiveness
  •  Sitemaps (HTML and XML)
  •  Robots.txt
  •  Schema Markups
  •  Canonicalization
  • Redirections

Off-page SEO

  • What is Off-page SEO
  • Why Offpage SEO
  • What is link juice?
  • Importance of domain and page authority
  • What is link juice?
  • Finding Link Opportunities
  • List of Activities
  • Tools to Check Backlinks
  • Link Building Guidelines
  • Guest Blogging
  • Broken Link building
  • Email Outreach
  • Scholarship Technique
  • Skyscraper Technique
  • Tools for Scaling

Search Engine Algorithms

  • How to optimize your site for Google [SEO Process]
  • Search Engine Penalties and Recoveries.
  • What is the Google Panda Algorithm? How to Optimize?
  • What is Google Penguin?
  • What is Google EMD Update?
  • Hummingbird Algorithm?

Web Analytics Tools

  • Google Search Console
  • Getting Started with Google Search Console
  • Why use Google Search Console
  • Importance of data-driven Decisions to be taken in Google
  • Search Console

Google Tag Manager(GTM)

  • Why use GTM
  • How to Add GTM to your Website
  • How to add Tags
  • How to configure Triggers
  • Event Tracking
  • Moving all the Tags to GTM

Google Analytics

  • Introduction To GA
  • Installing GA4 to the website
  • Understanding the Hierarchy
  • Setting up Goals
  • Setting up Filters
  • Understanding Filters
  • Understanding Metrics and
  • Dimensions
  • ΚΡΙ
  • Audience Report
  • Acquisition Report
  • Behavior Report
  • Conversion Report
  • Creating Dashboards


  • Why WordPress?
  • How to choose a niche?
  • Buy a Domain
  • Buy a Web hosting
  • Change DNS Records
  • Check Domain Propagation
  • Addon on Domains
  • Install WordPress
  • Login to WordPress
  • Optimize Dashboard
  • Setting Up Permalinks
  • Delete Dummy Pages
  • Install SSL
  • WordPress Interface
  • Create Pages
  • Create Menus
  • Changing Themes
  • Adding Logos
  • Legal Pages
  • WordPress Settings
  • Theme Marketplaces
  • Page Builders
  • Creating Contact Forms
  • Profile
  • Users
  • Social Share
  • Taking Backups
  • Importing complete Sites & Templates
  • Site Offline
  • Logout

Content Marketing

  • Introduction to Content Marketing
  • Why Content Marketing
  • What is Inbound Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Onsite blogs and Guest Posts [ Free guest posts, Sponsored Posts, PR, Article Submission]
  • Content Writing Checklist
  • How to Do Research
  • Publishing your first article
  • The objective of content marketing
  • Content marketing 7 step strategy building process
  • 18 types of content with examples
  • How to write great compelling content
  • Keyword research for content ideas
  • Optimizing content for search engines
  • Discussing authority blog
  • How to market your content?

Google Ads

  • Introduction to SEM
  • Why Google Ads
  • Types of Google Ads
  • Getting Started with Google Ads
  • Billing
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Connecting Google Ads to Google Analytics and other tracking tools

PPC Advertising Google Adwords

  • Understanding structure – Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads
    • Keyword Research and Setting budgets
  • Creating Campaigns
  • Creating Ad groups
  • Creating Ads
  • Types of Advertising campaigns – Search, Display, Shopping & video
  • Difference between search & display campaign

Understanding AdWords Algorithms

  • How does Adwords rank ads –Quality of landing page, keywords, and Ad copy and Relevancy between them
  • Understanding Adwords algorithm
  • Adrank in detail with examples
  • What is the quality score
  • Why quality score is important
  • What is CTR?
  • Why CTR is important?
  • Understanding bids

Creating Search Campaigns

  • Types of Search Campaigns – Standard
  • All features, dynamic search & product listing
  • Google merchant center.
  • Creating our 1st search campaign
  • Doing campaign-level settings
  • Understanding location targeting
  • Different types of location targeting
  • What is the bidding strategy?

Advanced Level Bid Strategy

  • Terminologies
  • Bidding strategy
  • Pros & Cons of different bid strategies
  • Understanding ad-extensions
  • Types of ad-extensions
  • Adding ad-extensions in our campaign
  • Creating ad groups
  • Finding relevant ad group options using tools
  • Creating ad groups using a tool

Creating Display Campaign

  • Types of display campaigns (All features, Mobile app, Remarketing, Engagement)
  • Creating 1st display campaign
  • Differences in search & display
  • campaign settings
  • Doing campaign-level settings
  • Understanding CPM bid strategy
  • Advance settings
  • Ad-scheduling
  • Ad-delivery
  • Understanding ads placement
  • Finding relevant websites for ad placement
  • Creating text ads
  • Creating banner ads using tools
  • Uploading banner ads
  • Optimizing Display Campaign Remarketing
  • What is remarketing?
  • Setting up a remarketing campaign
  • Creating Remarketing lists
  • Advanced Level list creation Custom audience

Youtube Ads

  • Creating Youtube Ads

Social Media

  • What is Social media
  • Difference between BW SMO vs SMM
  • Social Media Handles
  • Tools to find Handles
  • Best Practices for Handles

Facebook Page Optimization

  • Create Facebook Page
  • Add FB Cover
  • Add FB Profile Picture
  • Add CTA button
  • Best Setting For FB Page
  • Creating FB Posts
  • Types of FB Posts
  • Best Times to Make Post
  • How to Build Followers
  • How to Choose Hashtags
  • Tools For Hashtags
  • FB Stories

Facebook Ads

  • Creating a Business Manager Account
  • Adding Pages
  • Creating Ad account
  • adding people
  • Creating FB Pixel
  • Adding FB pixel in the Website
  • Billing
  • Traffic Campaign
  • Engagement Campaign
  • Video Views Campaign
  • Lead Generation Campaign
  • Messenger Campaign with silferbots
  • App Promotion Campaign
  • Conversion Campaign
  • Creating Custom Audience
  • Creating Lookalike Audience
  • Doing buyers Persona
  • Audience Targeting

Instagram Marketing

  • Create Instagram Page
  • Optimize Instagram Page
  • Convert your Profile to a Business Account
  • How to Make Posts
  • How to Choose Hashtags
  • To Build Followers
  • Creating Video contents
  • Repost on Instagram
  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram IGTV
  • Instagram Reels

Twitter Page Optimization

  • Why Twitter
  • Create a Twitter Profile
  • Optimize Twitter Profile
  • Types of Posts
  • How to Build Followers
  • Best Practices

Twitter Ads

  • Understanding Twitter
  • Tools to listen & measure Influence on Twitter: TweetDeck, Klout, Peer Index
  • How to do marketing on Twitter Black hat techniques of Twitter marketing
  • Advertising on Twitter Creating campaigns
  • Types of ads
  • Tools for Twitter marketing
  • Twitter Advertising
  • Twitter Cards Video Marketing
  • Twitter Cards Video Marketing
  • Understanding Video Campaign
  • Creating 1st Video Campaign
  • Importance of video marketing
  • Benefits of video marketing
  • Uploading videos on video marketing websites
  • Using youtube for business
  • Developing YouTube video marketing
  • Strategy Bringing visitors from YouTube videos to your website
  • Creating Video Adgroups
  • Targeting Options
  • Understanding Bid Strategy

Linkedin Optimization

  •  Why Linkedin
  •  Linkedin Profile Optimization
  •  How to Build your profile
  •  How to Build Connections
  •  Create a Company Profile
  •  Optimizing Company Profile
  •  Creating Posts

Linkedin Ads

  •  Getting Started with LinkedIn Ads
  •  Create an Ad account
  •  Adding insights Tag
  •  Conversion Tracking
  •  billing
  •  Running Traffic Campaign
  •  Running Lead Gen Campaign

Pinterest Marketing

  •  Make a PinCreate a Company Pinterest Account
  •  How to Create New Company Posts
  •  How to get traffic through Pinterest
  •  Create a Board
  •  Make a Pin

Quora Marketing

  • Create a profile in Quora
  •  Optimize the Profile
  •  Choose Topics
  •  how to Choose Topics
  •  How to Write Answers
  •  How to Drive Traffic Back to the Websites
  •  How to Rank on Quora

Online Reputation Management

  • What is online reputation management?
  • Why online reputation management is a need of the hour
  • Understanding ORM scenario
  • How to deal with criticism online 10
  • Online reputation management
  • Commandments 15 ways to create a positive brand image online
  • Understanding tools for monitoring online reputation
  • Step-by-step guide to overcoming the negative online reputation
  • Best examples of online reputation management

Email Marketing

  • What is Email Marketing
  • Why Email Marketing is Important
  • Creating Company Email
  • Top Email Autoresponders
  • Signing Up for Mailchimp
  • Configure the Dashboard
  • Adding your Email List
  • Building your Email List
  • Lead Magnets
  • Creating Popups
  • Creating Embedded Forms
  • Drip Automation
  • Reporting

Lead Generation for Business

  • Understanding lead generation for business
  • Why lead generation is important?
  • Understanding landing pages
  • Understanding thank-you page
  • Landing page vs website
  • Best practices to create a landing page
  • Best practices to create a thank-you page
  • Practical exercise-creating a landing page
  • Types of landing pages
  • Reviewing landing pages created by trainees
  • What is A/B testing?
  • How to do A/B testing
  • Selecting landing pages after A/B testing
  • Converting leads into sales
  • Creating a lead nurturing strategy
  • Understanding lead funnel
  • Steps in leads nurturing

Freelancing & Interview Preparation

  • Mock Interviews
  •  Career Counseling
  •  Linkedin Profile Management
  •  Resume Building

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